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Passport Vaccination Holder Tutorial


Passport Vaccination Holder with Sided Elastic

1. Get the cut out pieces ready

2. Glue/sew the clear film to the back of the card frame

3. Install the snap buttons


4. Then place the compartments to the wrong side of the passport holder cover 


You can either glue or sew them together.

5. Since I chose to sew it, I used the wonder clips to secure the position but you can use masking tape instead.

6. Then stitch it around with about 1/8" form the edge.

7. Install the snap button onto the tab of the passport holder to finish.

Passport holder with sided elastic

  • You can glue or sew to finish this project
  • For the classic passport holder without an elastic, please follow the step 1 & 2. 
  • For the passport holder with a sided elastic, please continue the step 3 to step 5

1 Glue/sew the clear film to the back of the frame.

2. Glue the compartments to finish

3. Cut the fold elastic about 6 1/2” long. Place it about 1/2” from the edge of the compartment

4. Glue its both side ends to the back of the compartment

5. Glue the compartments to finish 

Viola! The passport vaccination holder are done!

If you want a PDF assembly instructions, please click HERE.


Hope you love the project! If you have any questions, please email to






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